jeudi 17 juin 2010

Dragon Slayer about to be Slayed ...

OMG !! the Dragon Slayer is about to be Slayed !! If you want him to survive, send "Survive", if however you wanna him to die, send "Die" ... you can also describe is death ! bloody ? burned ? will he have his arms and legs separate from his body ?? the most famous answer will win ! you have till next week ^^

Where Did My Facebook Page Go ?

Today, something weird and dramatic occured ... I was out, going to Brussel, when Tess told me : "your facebook page is gone ! I cannot find it !!" What a terrible news !! Which was quickly confirmed by Ritchie !! OMG !! Luckly, time for me to come back some hours later, my facebook was back ...I was so scared !! my l...ife stopped for some hours ... ... ... ... XD

mercredi 16 juin 2010


Boin, ben j'ai décidé de changer un peu l'apparence de mon blog ... histoire de mettre plus en valeur mon travail ... z'en pensez quoi ??

lundi 7 juin 2010

Fairies & Furry

Petite soirée passé à peindre ... le texte dit
"Just let go the pencil, and you'll see what may appear ..."

Dragon Special

Special Dedicace for Astrid ;)

jeudi 3 juin 2010

Chevauche le Lion !!

Jeune fille chevauchant un Lion ... Pourquoi chevaucher ? c'est un Lion !! Pourquoi pas Lionaucher?? Je dis ça comme ça ...

Rouge dans "Le Petit Chaperon Rouge"

Nouvelle idée pour Rouge : Le Petit Chaperon Rouge ! Mais à ma sauce ... mais bon, je ne sais pas encore quand le projet commencera réellement, car je dois d'abord finir sa BD !!